Gateway to Success


Malik Muhammad Aslam Awan
For us success in life normally connote the access to mundane luxuries of life and lead a famous, pompous life, to make people realize that some specific person is superior to others and might have hailed from the Mars or a land of wonders, where superhuman being live, thrive and then come down to earth to accumulate the wealth by fair or foul means to lead the life of pomposity. Gorgeous life style of these superstar human beings attract the persons, having no faith on honourable living means. Being attracted by the superstar’s life general public, also, follow him and his fictitious lifestyle to earn fabulous wealth to lead a shiny life. Since the creation of Pakistan the mediocre is leading hand to mouth life due to the tactics of aristocracy. One who has firm belief in Allah Almighty and his incessant powers, that He intends to create a universe and the same comes into being within no time and since the creation of the universe even a single leaf of a tree or the grain of earth cannot move a single inch or even equal to a dot. The farmer put lifeless seed in the field and that seed after some time sprout, come out from earth in the form of a sapling and in few days yields the grain which serve as foodgrain to the people. People eat foodgrain and sustain themselves to energize them to lead energetic life and derive pleasure having different tastes to their tongue. Simple life is a great source of pleasure, while gorgeous and pompous life is the root cause of so many thorny issues, which always entail painful results. Unprincipled, unscrupulous life make its followers a wolf or a breed having no canons of life. Plundering the society and accumulate wealth is the enamoured formula of life. People get bewildered when they after long run hear or see a spectacle that the person leading the life of superstar has been arrested by the state and his life is under great stress and turmoil, being handcuffed he is wandering from one court to another and his face is the web of worries having thousand crinkles on his forehead. Muhammad Ali Johar was its Vice Chancellor. Students of Jamia and its founding fathers were serving as vanguard in the non- cooperation movement. Suddenly after occurrence of an incident of violence Mahatama Gandhi announced to cease the movement, which disheartened the vanguard and its activities against the British rule ended in fiasco, mainly due to the announcement (1924) of Mustafa Kamal Attaturk, the end of Khilafat in Turkey. Jamia Millia Islamia got entangled in financial constraints and it was considered that Zakir Hussain, who was having PhD studies in Germany be called back to run the Jamia Affairs. When contacted Zakir Hussain responded positively and convinced his other companions Abid Hussain an educationist and Dr. Muhammad Mujeeb, a printing expert, decided to come back (1926) and join the management of Jamia Millia Islamia to pull it out from financial constraints. Dr. Zakir Hussain, the economist, Dr. Abid Hussain, the educationist and Dr. Muhammad Mujeed PhD from Oxford and expert in printing, strived hard in their respective fields. Zakir Hussain Abid Hussain, Muhammad Mujeeb played unfatiguable, active part in pulling the Jamia out from financial straits. It is unbelievable fact that Zakir Hussain was offered Rs. 100 per month but he preferred to receive only Rs. 80 per month and all the thre. experts contracted with the Jamia Authorities to work for the institution for a package of Rs.150 per month, for next 20 years with this meagre remuneration three devoted friends made hectic efforts to make Jamia a reputed, trustworthy institution and introduced different programs, including Bat-ul-Hikma by Ubaidullah Sindhi. Foreign educationists were invited and combined programs for the uplift of educational standard of the Jamia and its students were, also, introduced. After independence from British rule (in 1947) Zakir Hussain was promoted as Vice Chancellor of the Jamia. After sometime Zakir Hussain became Vice President of India and then a day came when he became the first Muslim President of India. The Muslims were proud of his life-long service to the Muslims of India. This is not a simple narrative of success but a story of devotion, hectic struggle for a purpose and commitment to serve the countrymen, with fullest zeal sincerity dedication and loyalty. These traits are a gateway to success.  writer is a journalist, author of English Book on current affairsOne never imagined even for a single moment that the whole pomposity of life would fall like the wall of sand. Coming to synopsis, sane minds would imbibe the truth of life, the realization that the real life is to lead the life according to the injunctions of Islam, Sharia and Sunnah of our last Prophet Muhammad (MPBH). Here I feel myself constrained to annotate my viewpoint with a brilliant reference of a world dignitary. This is the real story of a pragmatic person, who dreamt of a principled and visionary life and strived hard to achieve his endeared results. He didn’t want a sudden change in his life. His motto was to struggle hard not for the realization of his own dreams but for the uplift of Muslims of India. The story begins in 1920, when Zakir Hussain was in Aligarh University for his studies. Zakir Hussain was a practical student and was the Vice President of student union. It was the age when students of Aligarh University derived pleasure from the prevailing sense that they are the students of a prestigious Institution of the sub-continent. In 1919 Tehreek Khilafat gained momentum and most of teachers and students played an active part in non-cooperation movement against the British rule. All out intents and purposes of  none-cooperation movement were to force the aliens to quit India. Aligarh management was demanded to refuse official grant to run the University, it was a difficult situation and the management refused to abide by the demand of the vanguard of Khilafat Movement. In the foregoing situation Zakir Hussain alongwith other students and teachers founded a new institution namely Jamia Millia Islamia and Sheik Al-Hind-Molana Mehmood-ul-Hassan of Dew Band Darul Aloom was invited to lay the foundation stone of the “Jamia Millia Islamia”. Hakim Ajmal Khan was amongst its founding fathers and he donated generously for the Jamia. Renowned personality.


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