Stage play “Shahzada Mery Dil Da” presented at Pucar

Rawalpindi:  (Parliament Times)   To promote stage play and theatrical activities in the country, Punjab Council of the Art with collaboration of KAS Art and Media production staged a play “Shahzada Mery Dil Da”. The play was written by Muhammad Aslam Bhatti and Directed by khawar Ayub. Famous Artists include Hameed Babar, Jhalak Ali, Shahzad Mughal, Sawera Shahzadi, Imran Rushadi, Shagufta khan, Mushtaq Nadeem, Naeem Toota, Mehmboob Jaan Dada and Ayub Khawar were the actors of the play. The main idea of the play was that any work done for personal benefits or greed, ends in bad shape. To hide a single lie, a man had to lie hundreds of times. Chief guest Sardar khan said that they should try their best to highlight social evils of the society, while giving them clean entertainment. We need to work together to eradicate the social problems of the society. Director Waqar Ahmed said that all the actors perform their roles very well. Social issues had highlighted through the play, which is a good thing, he added. The Council has been working with the artist to produce quality work for the audience. At the end of the play, Waqar Ahmed thanked the chief Guest and other Participants.

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