SAUSTA; The enthusiast of Ayaz

Nazir Ahmed Kubar
Newly upgraded SAUS ( Shaikh Ayaz University Shikarpur) from a SALU Campus to a separate and independent University, is now at the mercy of incompetent authorities. The Shaikh Ayaz University Shikarpur may produce many other (Ayaz and Iqbals), but it seems hard and uncertain with the current non-cooperative administrative authorities on their seats. Being an ordinary student and stranger to the (SAUS) at every aspect;For a while i felt unoptimal to use my pen against or in favour of a institution to whom I am a totally stranger but, after the continuous and courageous struggle of (SAUSTA), now I fell proud to highlight their campaign in the pages of print media. *Basically (SAUSTA) is a Shaikh Ayaz University Shikarpur teachers association which is protesting since last many days with black ribbons on their arms , for the basic needs and legitimate rights of teachers and students. It would be wrong to name their strike for their rights only, but , infact they have worn black ribbons on their arms for the basic needs of students as well. The basic and crucial amongst, their demand list is the, recruitment of more teaching staff for the betterment of students. Currently the University holds only 16 teachers ,which is equal to the number of a high school teaching faculty. Meanwhile the faculty is insufficient and it is too hard and harsh for them to run the proper classes. Following this key demand there are other needs also like ; transport and residential facilities for which the teachers would be kept sitting on the floor until and unless their issues are not being resolved. Alas! this is much disgusting that the teachers are being harassed by the incapable and incompetent administrative authorities. Their voice for the academic progress of institution is being continuously ignored and compressed. Despite of their consistent co-operation with management their demands are being declined now and again. Though they had never demanded the luxuries of life or the increase of salaries. Indeed their demands are not their facilities but it their basic needs. Unfortunately the teachers are dealt and valued as like local employee, which is unacceptable and inapplicable to a civilized society. The self- supporting policy from the top chair of University is confusing and condemnable. The non-cooperative attitude and behaviour from highest authority of institution is gesture of ruling or that is  least different from a bosses vision.  As the ( Ralph Waldo Emerson ) nicely differiante between a leader and a boss, he Quotes . The difference between a leader and a boss is; a boss says go and a leader always  says. The SAUSTA is  constantly following the footsteps of a renowned person ( Shaikh Ayaz) in whose memory this University is built and named. The enthusiast of (Ayaz) have stood against the detractor and preferred the protest along with attending classes and conducting exams.

(-The writer is a freelance columinst, based in Thari Mirwah .)

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