PML N AJK govt,s negligence on Kashmir issue is intolerable: Sardar Mustafa

Hajira,(Parliament Times): Senior Leader  of  PPP AJK Sardar Mustafa said that party workers and leadership of PPP It is highly commendable that after a long time, the masses and party workers have shown the strength against the Muslim League -N govt and raised voice against them during People’s Party Workers Convention.
Someone once asked Quaid e Awam What gives you so much hope for your success?
He replied ” I am lead by my people and their dedication, bright eyes and courage gives me hopes”.  The charged crowd of PPP not only encouraged its leadership but also announced the definite defeat of the opponent N league and others.  Their 4 years’ performance and negligence on Kashmir issue instigates everyone to come to roads for raising concerns and voices.  Masses of the constituency, party workers, city, tehsil, district, division organization , PSF, PYO, Anjuman e Tajeran, social media team, Ex-speaker/ Chief organiser Sardar Ghulam Sadiq, Ex president Sardar Yaqoob Khan, Secretary General PPP Faisal Rathore and worthy president Ch Latif Akbar deserve all the felicitations with the hope that this tempo shall be followed and all the connections with people shall be continued at Grassroots level till election.  Where all have played their role, the significant role played by print and electronic media can’t be missed. We are highly grateful to all of them.

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