Education is only glimmer of hope


Saqlain Sikander Ali Bhutto, Karachi,Sindh.


Education is passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today. The importance of education can not be underestimated. Indeed, in present era of knowledge, the decisive tool is education. The progress and development could never be expected without priortizing education. The dependance of success and peosperity rests on the shoulders of education. Its education that makes you notable as superpower and ultimately its dearth earns you the title of undeveloped and backward country. Its knowledge that differtiates between master and slave. In simple tone, education is an entigral part of humans since the inception. But contradict to it, our youth is busy killing their time in inconsequential things as social media and others tools which might destroy their lives. It is therefore demurely suggested to every one that no superiority or success could be achieved with being more skilful, talented and knowledgable. And talent , skill and knowledge can not be dreamt without education .How could we forget the words of prophet pbuh , who is known as city of knowledge that get education from cradle to grave.  The importance of education can well be percieved from the words of widom told by prophet. Lets relearn the message and start acting. Let this be initiated from ourselves , our homes and lets educate this to our near ones. Education is only ray of hope and our survival.




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