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The Solar-System

Our solar system is the combination of stars, moons, sun, galaxies, asteroids,
meteroids, comets, eight known planets Mercury, Venus, Mars, earth, Jupiter, Saturn, uranus, Neptune & dwarf planets. The solar system was discovered by nicolaus Copernicus he was the mathematician, and astronomer . He was born on 19 Feb 1473 in torun , Poland and died on 24 may 1543 in frombork , Poland . He said in his handwritten book that "the center of universe was not the Earth but the sun lay
near it . He also suggested that Earth's rotation accounted for the rise and setting of the sun , the movement of stars, and that the cycle of seasons was caused by Earth's revolution. Our solar system is Elliptical  in shape that means it's shaped like "an egg" our solar system is always in motion Astronomer think that solar system is 4 billion years old . The sun was also discovered by "Nicolaus
Copernicus " Sun is the most prominent feature in our solar system it's the biggest object in our solar system and it contain more than 99% mass of solar system. The sun is the center of our solar system and it’s also called the heart of solar system. The sun's outer visible layer is called the photosphere and has a temperature of 6000C (11,000F). It’s is made up of 70% hydrogen , 27% helieum and 3% some other
gases & it’s the brightest object in our solar system.Syed Rabail RhahEconomic Disparity People lose some part of their freedom in order to be the part of any Nation State, in return they get peace and security provided to them by their respective government. The government levy taxes on its people to provide them with the basic necessities of life. Unfortunately in developing countries like Pakistan, things do not work out as they should be. Here, the gap between the rich and the poor has widened
beyond limits. The poor, besides a proper house and education, do not have access to even the fundamentals of life, i.e, water and food. They die either due to malnutrition or their deteriorating health conditions in addition to many other reasons which are directly linked to their financial conditions. While the rich gets education in the best schools of the country, the poor are restrained to the government schools or low fees private schools where quality of education is not that good; while the rich can enjoy health facilities of better hospitals of the country as well as of the abroad, the poor are stuck with the government hospitals which mostly have inadequate facilities in the rural areas.
Under the IMF’s austerity measures, inflation has reached an all-time high in Pakistan, with the costs being tolerated by the poor. As of January 2020, inflation stood at 14.6 percent, the highest it has been in nine years; the poor taking the brunt of it the most. While the country is going through tough phase, in 2019, the government gave away Rs 20 billion in tax relief to the wealthiest class, which was 40 percent of the of tax collected from the middle class. The largest banking, cement, car manufacturing, textile, fertilizer and food companies were the main beneficiaries of these cuts, and the owners of these
corporations were amongst the wealthiest individuals in the country. Precisely, the rich are exempted from tax on the expense of the poor since decades, which has led to such gloomy situation of the largest section of the country. Irony is that while the government which is mandated to treat all the citizens with equity, silently endorse it. Fortunately, the God has his own way to settle the score; either it is War of 1857, or The Arab Spring 2010, the history shows that such type of inequality does not go a long way; hence the government must take steps to reduce the disparity between the privileged and the
impecunious segment of the society, before it is too late.Kainat ZehraKarachiPathans always at their peak!Pathans or pashtuns is ethnic group of people comes from Iran than most popular in Afghan and Pakistan.what I believes is, this is the braveset class of people ever in the history . Even iam well known of the trolls and jokes upon Pashutuns on social media but, despite of it I loves and likes them. Being a patriot Pakistani it should be the principle of our lives that we must be committed to the "one nation,
one idea" rather to preach and prevail the sects and divisions. History witness that pathans are the proud and strength of Pakistan. independent society. Pashtuns are settled in every corner of Pakistan today, but u will never find a pashtun begging on the roads or in the streets any where, which is a beauty of this nation.

Nazir Ahmed Kubar Thari Mirwah

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