Pakistan’s new ambassador to Afghanistan presents credentials



Kabul: (Raja Furqan Ahmed) Pakistan’s new Ambassador to Afghanistan, Mansoor Ahmad Khan, presented his credentials to Afghan President Ashraf Ghani on Thursday at the Presidential Palace.
According to the Afghan Presidential Palace, Welcoming the new Pakistani ambassador, President Ghani said that Afghanistan wants to expand relations with Pakistan and strengthen trade cooperation, facilitate travel and solve the problem of Afghan refugees. He further added, “we want the Afghan government’s regional connectivity policies to bring good results to Pakistan, especially in connection to the Central Asian energy transfers to that country.” The President further said that Afghanistan seeks regional countries support in the ongoing peace process, adding “ending the war and establishing peace in Afghanistan is in the interest of all countries in the region.”
Meanwhile, Mansoor Ahmad Khan exclaimed, “we want the relationship between the two counties to expand, and Pakistan wants lasting peace in Afghanistan.” Pakistan supports the Afghan government’s policy of establishing and expanding regional cooperation, he added.


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