Music is soul feeding

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Ghulam Batool Shahani
In this modern era of competition where people see their survival in being materialist , they calculate profit and loss even in deep slumber, yet, there is one thing , they cannot escape. That is music. Actually, as our body needs food for remaining healthy , our soul needs food also and the food of soul is music . Verily, music is part of everyone’s life attached as though its our own shadow.The research suggests that people in a colossal number, irrespective of age are said to addicted to music badly and some madly. People need music everywhere as some listen to it while driving,eating,sleeping and even at times doing their homework. While others can not help pass the exams without it.Music is the great source that provides relief to broken hearts, quantum of solace for miserable, mournful and saddened people. It is companion to isolated ones. Honestly, it has no any single disadvantage that might leave any bad impact on its listener. Some people take music as their profession and earn name, fame and money. There are some certain religions , who take music as an integral part of their religion. Its music alone that helps people to gather,create bonds and live unforgettable memories. As believed that access of everything is worth so adage is applied on music too. One must listen to music , when all other responsibilities are maintained since music can be proved distracting at times.listening to classical symphonies or binaural beats could improve one’sfocus but listening to radio or to spotify playlist filled with all your favorites could distract you from the task that you are doing. Moreover, listening to music during driving could be cause of one’s demise.In order to avoid any mishape stope listining to it when engaged in any other demanding task.If you don’t like silence,choose your music sensibly,opting for chemical and instrumental pieces.Avoid listening to loud music with earphone or headphones for a long time.Music can be positive but we should be highly aware of it’s negetivities also.Make sure to be mindful of these to ensure that you can enjoy music as much as possible,while also having a great impact on the life of yourself and the people around you.

(-The writer is a freelance columnist, based in Karachi )

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