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Bahrain-Israil accord

Following UAE Bahrain becomes the second arab country in a month to recognize
Israeli state amid muslim repression in Palestine. Mr Trump has played an important role and politics between middle east countries and Israel since the beginning of his tenure as a President. He has done every possible thing to harm the unity between the middle east and rest of the Muslim countries. It is also very shameful for OIC and its value, it seems like it is no more important for muslim countries to take care of their mutual interests in the OIC. Not today but tomorrow every muslim country will have to digest this poison of recognizing Israel as it is one the biggest artificial intelligence and Scientific market
of United States and USA has several interests in Isreal. Indeed to enhance their market USA will play an important role between other muslim countries and Israel by peace accords between them. Currently it seems like OIC is broken into three groups, one is of Turkey and Malaysia having mutual interests in United Nations, Iran and some other countries and the last one is Saudia lobby. Pakistan sometimes stuck with Turkey and Malaysia as they are the ones who wholeheartedly agreed to raise their voice
against repression in Kashmir at United Nations and agreed to fight till the last breath. Secondly Pakistan has also mutual interests with Iran for the Gas Pipeline accord. The most important in OIC group is Saudi's strategy and their lobby, currently Saudia is the most influential and merciful country of USA.
They play superior muslim state card for Pakistan as Pakistanis has somehow love for Saudia Nation. Eventually, every Muslim country one day will recognize Israel for their personal interests despite leaving Palestinian intrests behind as they all have to run their economy head to head with other countries and by supporting Palestinian and leaving Israeli interests behind will infact backwards their economy of the many countries as Israelis are one of the biggest capitalists having bright future and supported by the Superpower United States.Ghulam Mustafa Baladi Jamshoro/Sindh Bahrain after UAEIt
is Really heart breaking news that Bahrain has normalize its relation with Israel on this Friday. Before this UAE recognized the Israel as state and normalize the ties with. This decision has saddened the Muslims particularly Palestinians as they’re living under brutality of Israel. America has played most important role such negotiations as both these announcements were first made by President Trump. It’s really strange for the Muslim world specially Organization of Islamic Cooperation(OIC) that gulf countries has started recognizing Israel before resolution of Palestine question and no condemnation has came so far. America being Iran’s anti has started engaging gulf countries to simple accept the Israel as state. Iran, turkey and Pakistan have condemned the move by saying that Bahrain has stirred the instability within the region by normalizing ties with Israel. Muslim world should condemn collectively such moves for Palestinian’s cause.Sanaullah KalwarKashmore, Sindh.It should public execuation Will it be possible? The penologies of raped cases will hang the villa. There are many examples in past time. When such a tragic event takes place in the country. Our government will united. When the rules are
made up the punishment will be given through that rules our Government and Jurisdiction had hunted on the time of law making. Zinab Alert is an example. If anyone do injustice and kill children, there will make resolution for Public Execution. But when the law passed wheather it is National Assembly or the Senate is a distant matter the Public Execution or the death of penalty. Consequently in the law there is no any rule of Public Execuation. As a muslim in the light of Holy Quran says. If a man do adultry with children, kill him with stones. But Quran's law have not in Constitution of Pak. After the ancident of
Lahore hightway It is seems as the difference is not more between social animal and animal. Question is that? In spite of convicting the culprit, but the victime is found guilty. After incident of Lahore CCPO had reported that " Why she don't take fulk fuel" "Why was she going this way?". My question for the 'So
cold libracy' and honour justice of human rights, Is adultery committed with 4 years old chikdren? after its face crushed.

-Safeer Hussain Mahoto Mahota, Sindh.


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