Islam Respects Women


Sanaullah Kalwar
This month a lady was gang rapped on Lahore-Sialkot motorway while travelling to her home. She had her children along with her when her car ran out of patrol and thus stopped on motorway. This issue went viral on media, thereafter CCPO Lahore Mr Umar Shaikh while talking about the incident said a lady mustn’t has travelled late night alone. Their slogans, famously known as the society has become patriarchal, misogynist, cruel and violent echoed within the media. They talked about the women’s depravity of their rights, gender based violence and equality. Islam has given a women more respect and rights 1400 years ago. Women have played tremendous roles within the lives of the prophets and fulfillment of divine plan, Quran mentions of women’s faith in an honorable way. Firstly, Marium (mother of Prophet Essa A.S) was well-known for religiosity, chastity and sincerity. She underwent an unprecedented divine plan of pregnancy against intense societal pressures just to satisfy Allah’s commandments. Secondly, Bibi Hajra is a rare woman who ran for rescue his son Ismail from Safa to Marwa which due to this became mandatory for pilgrims in rituals of Umrah and Hajj. The gift of zamzam is additionally due to her remarkable courage and faith. Thirdly, Prophet Muhammad PBUH’s wives, the mother of believers were women of great honor and knowledge. Hazrat Aisha(R.A) for 44 years contributed to the spread of Muhammad’s message. She narrated 2,210 hadith. Bibi Hafsa (R.A) was such of honor that Hazrat Usman (R.A) used her copy to standardize the text of Quran. Fourthly, Hazrat Kadhija (R.A) Prophet Muhammad PBUH’s first wife was a woman great courage and honor. She was independent, strong, faithful and pious Muslim woman. In last I have to mention some women who played their important role for Muslim nation’s building, Umme Salma was the political activist, law making and narrated 378 hadith. Nusaybah, Safia, Khawlah, Fatiamah and Atiya were those provided their humanitarian service in battlefields. Women are equal altogether in civil and criminal acts of Judiciary , they deserve sincerity of affection, wisdom, power of deciding and resistance to tyranny. The stem address of Allah against the slanderers of Aisha (RA) could be a message of women’s dignity and honor in Islam. Surah Nisaa could be a detailed chapter on women status and rights handling marriage. Quran encourages superiority of mother her suffering through pregnancy and breastfeeding and therefore the wombs.These subtle yet powerful mentions within the Quran pointing on how precious women are to Allah. If we talk about marriage, both male and female have rights on one another. Men are guardian of women, and women are the husband’s trustee. Guardianship of children in Islam could be a matter of trust, child’s well being is that the responsibility of man. Pakistan being Islamic state has to follow the Islam with true spirit to deal with the matters related to women. It must ensure gender justice and equity based differences and uniqueness.

(-The writer is a Student of Shariah and Law International Islamic university)


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