Pakistan our key regional partner: US ambassador-designate


WASHINGTON:     US ambassador-designate to Pakistan, William Todd, has said Pakistan is their key regional partner and we will work together.
Addressing the Senate confirmation hearing , William Todd said that the US can have a strong relationship with both India and Pakistan.
He held Pakistan played a crucial role in creating conciliatory environment in Afghanistan. Pakistan itself has been adversely affected at the hands of the terrorists.
He stated peace in Afghanistan is in both our countries’ best interests, and effective US-Pakistani cooperation is essential to achieve that objective.”
Pakistan played a critical role in creating the conditions that brought Afghan leaders and the Taliban to the historic start of Afghan Peace Negotiations, Todd told his audience adding that Pakistan has an even more important role to play in supporting efforts toward a negotiated political settlement that ends the 40 years of war.
“This is a moment of opportunity for Pakistan to continue to forge a new and better role in the region and if confirmed will be one of my highest priorities,” he said.

He called upon Pakistan to take durable and lasting steps against the terrorism. Pakistan has taken vital moves against the terrorism and it is the need of hour Pakistan should continue them.

He further said that the US needs increased bilateral trade and investment with Pakistan.
“Making progress on youth engagement, trade and investment, and human rights will be challenging, but necessary for a better future for Pakistan, and a stronger US-Pakistan relationship,” Ambassador Todd said.
Todd highlighted that the health impacts were real and the economic fallout for Pakistan was likely to be serious. Explaining the health partnership between the two countries, he said the US trained health workers to upgrade emergency operations centres and delivered ventilators to Pakistan.

He observed Pakistan is our vital regional partners and we will work together for shared targets in future.

He urged Pakistan will have to abide by international resolutions on weapons of mass destruction.

He underlined US wants robust ties both with Pakistan and India and we want too that the two countries should take steps to defuse tension.


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