Looming sectarian crisis


M. Shahjahan Memon
After months of relative calm, the sectarian issue has reared its ugly face once again in Pakistan. Sectarianism has been long-standing and yet-unaddressed problem notwithstanding far-reaching implications. Recent incidents of hate speeches have sparked fears of sectarian violence and causes extreme concern from security point of view. What is more disturbing in this particularly fragile context is timely inaction of security officials which compounds the already complex issue. It is an open secret that Pakistan has already bore the many brunt of sectarian conflicts till recent past and thus cannot afford further damage. There are fears that the violence may erupt, if not dealt timely. Sectarianism is internal security and law and order problem. Therefore, realization of the gravity of the issue will pave the way considering FATF as well. It is high time state bring all stakeholders on board particularly Ulema from all sects for the sake of country’s increasing security concerns in order to eliminate this problem from the grassroots level. Concerted efforts for sectarian harmony are indispensable besides implementing Nation Action Plan in its true manner. Furthermore, state must undertake crackdown on hate speeches whoever incites violence and maintain the rule of law.

(-The writer is a freelance columist based in Sindh. )


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