Closure of Schools


Wajid Ali Shaikh
In late February 2020, As (COVID 19) unfolded in Pakistan. A harsh decision was made by the federal and provincial Government of Pakistan to close the Educational Institutions throughout the country. Although, the number of reported cases was not enough to go for the closure. Since beginning, it didn’t seem a good decision. because, the Countries with the more outbreak of the (COVID19) hadn’t taken a decision like this. Later on, Pakistan took a long time to control the spread of the Virus. Causing that, shortage of the resources and lack of right decisions at right time. Now, When the spread of the virus has been lessened throughout the country. Nevertheless, Schools are given just dates of reopening and dates are being delayed after a few days. While the many, but not the all, countries had gone for reopening a long ago. China: Wuhan, “Where the first case of the (COVID) tested positive” has reopened Schools since May. The strategy of decreasing capacity in the class rooms and reducing the social contacts of the students has worked really well for Wuhan. Sweden: Sweden didn’t diminish the all schools to respond in COVID. She went for closure only with the lower grades. Reasoning that, the infection rate was lower in older age students. In Denmark, Closure of schools took start around March 2020, and reopened in April.Children of primary school are divided into small groups “Micro Groups”. Children arrive at different time, sit separately and are taught by one teacher. Uruguay: Uruguay set an exemplary strategy in the beginning, The schools were closed in selective cities,Which were affected much by the virus. Not specially, in the rural areas, Where the access of internet looked difficult. Benefiting that, Education was carried throughout the country during the combating virus. New Zealand:In New Zealand, Schools were reopened in May. Closing of schools started in late March. Schools announced that, the parents, Who hesitate to send their children back to school would be allowed to make “Transition Arrangements” with their schools. Germany: Schools had been closed in March and reopened in the starting of May for the older age students. Additionally, the students are attending their classes, maintaining social distance and school days are shortened as well. Moreover, Many countries has reopened schools named, Japan, Finland, Belgium,France and Norway etc. Although, these countries consist a good position in providing online education to their students. Govt of Pakistan just claimed to introduce online classes for every student. But, it couldn’t be fruitful. Even though, Govt got failure in accessing internet. Now, the situation seems under control here. Specially, Sindh Govt should go for the reopening of schools at primary level with the strictly implementation of SOPs.If a school found in evading and ignoring SOPs only that school must be sealed Never, the whole province or country. In addition, Rural area’s schools should be reopened as soon as possible. Because, their is almost zero infection rate. Remote education can never be productive in countrysides.


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