Stop illegal constructions


Engr Waqar Badar Kandho
Town planning plays a vital role in making asthetic view of village, town and city. A town includes the proper location of residential area, commercial area, educational area, public offices and industrial area. These all on their proper location in city or town increases the asthetic view of city. Karachi being a city of lights is deprived of not having pure drinking water, no proper drainage system and nascent problem of collapsing the high rise buildings. The high rise buildings on a very small land area resulted in collapse which caused many deaths. This is question mark for engineers who design plan for small land area and the contractors and the sindh building Authority for allowing them to build these high rise buildings on small land area. Sindh Government needs to pay attention on this grim issue as to stop further illegal constructions. This will save many lives in future.

(-The writer is a freelance columnist, based in Larkana.)


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