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Why Do We Yawn?


Everybody yawns let it be new born baby,teenager or grand oldest parent.Even animals do it too.But no one knows why we do it? However, there are many reasons and theories about it. Moreover, people do not do it only when they feel sleepy but at times people do it out of tiredness or may be because of getting dry as dust. Science suggests that when one feels so , its done owing to the dearth of oxygen. Its because when our breathing becomes slow then yawning helps us to enhale more oxygen into the body and exhale more carbon dioxide from blood. Another leading reason and accepted theory is that yawning stretches lungs and lung tissues. Hence, yawning may be a way to flex muscles and joints so as to increase heart rate .If we do not yawn then to take a deep breath would become harder and harder and that would not be good for health condition.The scientifically backed and approved theory about why do we yawn is brain temperature regulation.A 2014 study published in journal physiology behaviour looked at the yawning habits of 120 people and found that it occurred less during winter.If the brain temperature gets too far outside of the norm, inhaling air can help cool it down. There is one idea that everyone knows is true that yawning seems contagious and uncontrolled action a body does.If you yawn in class or anywhere you will surely notice a few other people start doing it too.Even thinking about yawning can make you yawn.Hope, you must be yawning at the time of reading this piece of writing. Its fact of matter that you can’t escape yawning once you think of it.

– Abdul Rauf



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