Women policing


Mujeeb Ali samo
The current gory picture indicates that the meager availability of women police in the country and district particularly show that the cases of sex-related to girl and women show less attention. The women police will be more transparent to dictate the issues of girl and women harassment. The cases remain unheard due to fewer women police stations in the districts. Since the first women police institution was inaugurated in 1994, yet, National Police Bureau’s report states that women constitute less than 2% of the police force. This is one of the most significant factors which contribute towards the underreporting of crimes, especially crimes related to sexual assault. The women police can be more productive to register the cases of rape, harassment and unauthorized violence meted out by the women. The government must work on this lacuna because it shall reap the desired results. Women police can be more easily accessible to the victim to report cases of violation and sex-related crimes. This is deliberated that the gender gap breaches the report of the cases of harassment. The man policing is indifferent to cases of women harassment and sex-related issues. Most assaulted heinous cases are always differed due to social taboo and blot ascertained to the family if the cases are made public. The government think-tank must draw the concerted policy where the women recruitment into the police must be encouraged and the separate women police must be established so that the aggrieved person may report the assault without feeling shy. This is the right of every individual country man\women to attain justice.


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