Walton Tobacco company decides to sue counterfeit

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S. A Haidri
Muzaffarabad: Walton Tobacco Company Mirpur has decided to sue an illegal tobacco company in Muzaffarabad against the sale of their duplicate brand.

In a statement issued by the spokesperson of Walton Tobacco Company here on Sunday, he said that a counterfeit company selling their replicates to damage the reputation of the company.

He said, “we strongly condemn such kind of heinous acts and company has decided to go to court.”

The spokesperson maintained that Walton Tobacco Company has been producing and selling standard cigarettes in Mirpur for many years.

“Our consumers have trust on our brand and we are also paying millions of rupees in taxes to the government annually.” spokesperson added that all details in this regard are also available on the website.

It was further stated that they are also receiving complaints from consumers.

The spokesperson said that the company has made brand name in market and no one is allowed to damage our reputation.

He negated the baseless and negative propaganda against Walton saying that such acts has nothing to do with reality.

Spokesperson reiterated that we will not hurt the trust of consumers and will continue to deliver quality products to them.

Walton Tobacco Company appealed the Prime Minister of Azad Kashmir, Chief Secretary Azad Kashmir, IG Police and other concerned authorities to take stern action against the company for illegally producing and selling duplicates cigarettes and damaging their reputation.

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