UN has failed to hold India accountable for HR violations in IIOJK – AJK President


Altaf Hamid Rao,


MIRPUR (AJK):  (Parliament Times)   Azad Jammu and Kashmir President Sardar Masood Khan has said that the performance audit of the United Nations on Kashmir last year, since 5th August 2020, has been zero efforts and zero endeavours; except for the three informal sessions held at the UN Security Council shoehorn, that too at the initiative of Pakistan and the help of China.

The UN leadership’s reaction, he said, has been limited to the very few anodyne statements issued periodically.

The President made these remarks while addressing a seminar titled, “Piecing Peace Together: Shared Future for Humanity”, jointly organised by the Parliamentary Kashmir Committee and Islamabad Institute for Conflict Resolution (IICR) held in the federal metropolis on Monday, AJK President office told media Monday evening.

The event was also addressed by Speaker National Assembly Mr. Asad Qaiser, Minister for Food Security and Research Syed Fakhar Imam, Chairman Senate Committee of Foreign Relations Senator Mushahid Hussain Sayed, Ambassador Ashraf Jahangir Qazi, and Director Institute of Multi-Track Dialogue Development and Diplomatic Studies Dr Waleed Rasool.

Speaking on the sub-theme “Peace Quest for Kashmir: Hunting ways under Indian occupation and global moral regression”, the AJK President said that the UN has failed miserably in holding India accountable for committing genocide, war crimes, crimes against humanity and the systematic settlement of non-Kashmiri Hindu citizens from all over India in the occupied territory.

The UN has no agenda for peace in Kashmir; no process for peacemaking, peacekeeping or peacebuilding for the 14 million people living in Indian Occupied Jammu and Kashmir who are under direct attack of 900,000 strong occupation forces.

“The world is not safe if Kashmir is not safe. UN has displayed an unforgiving dereliction from its prime duty and responsibility of maintaining world peace”, he said.

The President said that the Indian government has granted 1.7 million illegal domiciles to non-state Hindus from all over India. He said that a systematic ethnic cleansing is taking place in IOJK and the Kashmiris have been disenfranchised and are being killed with impunity. “Global powers through their silence have emboldened India and it continues its reign of terror in IOJK with no ill consequences. India’s colonial government is seeking exceptionalism for its human rights violations in IOJK”, he said.

President Masood Khan said that last year after August 5, there was a strong reaction from world parliaments, media and opinion makers, but now the issue has mellowed down and people are not actively raising the issue due to other global issues. With the exception of Iran, Turkey, Malaysia, China and a few Nordic countries, no other country spoke up openly for Kashmir.

“We have learned this lesson the hard way that we are not going to be given Kashmir. We can only achieve it if we make this (Kashmir) a global movement”, he said.

The President said that the people of Jammu and Kashmiri are being punished for their strong loyalty towards Pakistan and its ideology. He said that they won’t give up. He informed that the people of Jammu and Kashmir as a whole had decided to join Pakistan and this decision took almost a month before the independence of Pakistan.

Masood Khan said that Kashmiris are the most valiant people of the world as they are armless and face a huge enemy, India.

He said that President Trump has complimented Taliban as tough, smart and sharp. “One day, Kashmiri freedom fighters will also be described with such epithets and find their place at the negotiating table”, he said.

The President categorically rejected bilateral talks with India, saying that no such talks would be possible without the Kashmiris at the table. He said that India has used the ruse of bilateral talks as a method to buy time. India is insincere in its claims for peace in the region, he said. He added that the BJP-RSS regime has in its aspirations of advancing the Hindutva doctrine has unleashed a war against its own people, the Kashmiris and also its neighbours.

Shehryar Afridi, Chairman Kashmir Committee, said that Pakistan will continue to raise the issue of Kashmir. He said that for the world to hear we need to make Pakistan an economic hub and then only will the world hear the cries of the Kashmiris. He urged that the time has come for us to take up the issue very proactively and the world must realize that Kashmir is a reality and needs to be resolved. He said that unless this issue is resolved, world peace and security will be at risk.

Mushahid Hussain Sayed said that the ramification of the August 5 steps have led India being highlighted as a human rights violator. He said that US-congressional representatives have asked President Trump designate India to designate India as country of particular concern in view of its violations related to religious freedom.


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