Letter to the editor


Stop Unjustice

Justice is the basic-right of every human being in every country, and the nationality must not be seen that who belongs to what nation or who should be given justice. If this concept occurs, so the humanity remains no longer. Because, humans perform humanity, if there is insufficient of humans so the humanity has no value. Whenever the government appoints an officer in any area so it would be the responsibility of that officer to run the entire area by the constitution of government not by the member of any social party’s. But, the Winder tahseeldar and Station House Officer (S.H.O) are exceeding from their limits and they have been paid off from Kahaskeli-agnation to do unjustice with bezanjo-agnation. And a member of B.A.P Ismail Burra literally hurted bezanjo-agnation forefront of the tahseeldar and police but police said nothing. However, yesterday tahsildar Abdul Gaffor Mondra and station house officer (S.H.O) winder, district, Lasbela tehsil Sonmiani have bulled the Bezanjo-agnation, overwhelmed the ancient fences and dared to run tractor on the homes of Bezanjo-agnation and said that we people have no rights to live¬† here, although the bezanjo-agnation have documments of Supreme Court of Pakistan. But unfortunately, the tahsildar Abdul Gaffor Mondra and Station house officer, aren’t ready to read the documments, and as tahsildar Winder is facing with Bezanjo-brother, is not less than a social worker. According to Bezanjo-brothers that they are being victim of unjustice due to supporting M.N.A muhmmed Aslam buttani. And if B.A.P party considers like this, so bezanjo-agnation were, are and inshallah will support M.N.A. Muhmmed Aslam buttani. And we request to C.M of balochistan to do justicc with us and also control the B.A.P because the way we are being targeted is inconsiderable. We are not getting why it’s being like this and what is the matter behind this case? Are we baloch, do respect the constitution and don’t pay off tahseeldar¬† this is our fraction?


-Shabbir Ahmed Bezanjo.



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