UK-based Pak, Kashmir expatriates resolves to always remain alert to assist the homeland at every need of hour


Altaf Hamid Rao.

MIRPUR (AJK): Sept. 22: Britain-based Kashmiris human rights outfit – the Global Pak Kashmir Supreme Council (GPKSC) declared on Monday that Pakistani and Kashmiri expatriates serving in various parts of the world including the United Kingdom always stood alert at forefront to assist the homeland to combat every tough time including during the natural disasters.
These views were expressed by the  Chairman Global Pak Kashmir Supreme Council  Raja Sikander Khan in a statement issued in London late  Monday, says a message reaching and released to the media here Monday night.
“The GPKSC is a non-political, non-religious and non- profitable organization”, Raja Sikander said declared that the overseas Pakistanis and Kashmiris vibrant forum the GPKSC will always  praise any of the Government in Pakistan & Azad Jammu Kashmir Kashmir whom ever performed good for the betterment of the masses.
“We will always raise our voices against any government whom performance remained negative towards the betterment of the people across Pakistan and AJK”, he added.
The GPKSC Chairman continued that the overseas Pak-Kashmiri community had always been at forefront of helping at every needy time in Pakistan & Kashmir weather it was earthquake, floods, weather disasters,   call for construction  of dams etc, he added.
 He underlined that the Diaspora  always contributed in Millions and Billions of Sterling Pounds, Dollars and in currency of the country’s they resided at the time of need and in return what has all the past and present government are giving in form of incentives to the oversea community, although being a very patriotic Pakistani/Kashmiri it hurts to criticise your own government but with heavy heart you have to criticized in order to let the government officials know their downfalls and request them to put everything in order so that the oversea community continues to enjoy the incentives and also help our beloved nation.
Raja Sikander Khan said that his  Global Pak Kashmir Supreme Council was committed to secure and protect the due rights of the Pak Kashmir Diaspora community  in the United Kingdom and other adjoining European countries in particular and those living in rest of the foreign countries in general. “We will continue to do so at any level and length”, he added.


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