Sawara, a grim practice


Zubair Ahmed Rind
Blindly following the customs and traditions does not show dead are alive but living are dead “Ibn khaldun. Tribes and clans follow their customs and traditions in order to commemorate their demised elders. They follow the footprints of their elders as last words written on pebbles and claim as being the custodians of customs. Traditional tribes have hardcore rules and practices which cites to the fabrication by their forefathers. In mere pure words ,customs and rituals reveal the truly identity of community. It preaches integration as it gathers every individual of community on special occasions at one venue but their few ruthless actions spread segregation. One of the gigantic surreal and staunch custom being followed in most of the tribes in sindh is “Sawara”. It is the custom of handing over young and innocent girls in compensation of robbery, killings, or an other major fueds. It’s the rule of anarchy in rural areas of sindh where women have zero status and null rights. Men are considered as steward of their lives and the decisions by men as considered as holly descends.  Patriarchy society in sindh is being worshipped at length due to feudal lord’s and their flattering audience. It doesn’t matter whether a woman is highly qualified or reformist as compared to dormant and ridiculous man. The word of men in tribes is the pedagogy of the day . The fueds are initiated by men but it’s termination falls upon women as compensation. Its merely ruthless, ridiculous  and irrational to snatch the freedom of speechless women as she has been given birth to be in shackles.  These practices and followings crumble the feeling of being Ashraf-ul- makhlooqat . How can we force one to  act willingly against his sweet wishes?. Can we sustain such catastrophic facets in our lives?. Keeping these symmetries in minds, the civil rights activists has took  up a number of scrambles to cure and curb out this malaise which has moulded the entire activity of society into smears. These hollow practices fruit nothing but miseries and segregation. I hope relevant authorities must assist human rights activists to debacle this grim tradition as human have right of self determination. “Human is born free but everywhere he is in chains “. Jean-Jecques Rousseau.


(-The writer is a freelance columnist, based in Jacobabad.)



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