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Does Co-education promotes obscenity? The unprecedent bulge of rapists in a state , which now and again claims to follow the footsteps of “Riasat-e- Madina” has emerged a new phobia for society. No doubt! the gang rape , child rape and so on is a horrible and unacceptable to a civilized society, but the more terrific and mind blowing is a respond to it by; our political leaders , Commanders and the prominent scholars. The unethical statements from leaders of parliament and CCPO Lahore upon motorway incident; similiar gesture from the religious ideal of Muslims particularly of Pakistanis (Molana Tariq Jameel), as he uttered:” The co- education promotes obscenity and that is a reason for such situations in Pakistan.”All this indicates the mentality and the level of approach of our protecters, leaders and preachers.it’s a childish and even rubbish to accuse an education system for the unoptimal and illegal acts. Surely, the co education system is widely accepted and applicable on this planet Earth. It does not affects nor ashame any of gender either male or female, rather it promotes a mutual understanding, beliefs and relations.certainly! It purifies the thoughts and erdicates the evils. If the gathering of two opposite genders is reason for shameful stories ,as accordance with Molana Tariq Jameel, Then how sexual cases takes place in religious building ? where there same gender works together. To make it more clear look at the other world most probably to west , where there are rare stories relating to rape or obscene despite of a an open public systems in a short clothes. If it caused by universities and colleges, then, why it’s observed in homes and hospitals? Whether it is caused by the students ,then,why the illitrates are found to be guilty? In short it’s the mentality which produce a organized and civilized or obscene and betrayed society . So let’s prevail and preach a positive and impressive mentality.

Nazir Ahmed Kubar Thari Mirwah


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