Flood in Sindh


Imtiaz Essa Halepoto, Jamshoro

Sindh has currently been facing flood situation. Residents of countryside areas are undergoing to different problems and basic facilities. They has lost the connectivity to big cities. It resultantly has given birth to many problems: lack of health related basic amenities, internet and electricity disconnectivity, dengue mosquitoes and lack of safety jackets and boats etc. People of rural areas had already been facing poor financial conditions, but flood more added sorrows in their lives. Additionally, flood has wiped out all the crops of poor people. All villages are surrounded by flood. People are financially destroyed. He, however, gave no relief to his people. Government of Sindh should relieve people of their sorrows. Similarly, people, undergoing to flood situation, be given basic facilities and financial assistance. So that they can fulfil their needs. CM Sindh should also think about his supporters who brought him in his incumbent prestigious position.



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