CBRECHS is now the brand in housing sector : Altaf Bhat

ISLAMABAD, (Parliament Times): President Centre Board of Revenue Housing Society  ( CBRHS)) Altaf  Ahamad Bhat said that CBRECHS is now the “brand” in housing  sector. The 100 beds state- of- the- art hospital is an ample proof of the success of society where more  than seven hundred patients are treated on daily basis with normal charges while poor get free medical checkup.
Following the success of CBRHS Phase-I same facilities would be provided to the  members in CBRHS Phase-II. Near Rs4billion were  deposited by the members of CBRHS Phase-II in which Rs1.5 billion have been spent for the development  of Phase-I and Phase-II while Rs:2.5 billion used to purchase the land and this land without development work has present market value of Rs:15billion and this is the outcome of the efforts made by former three managements of the society.
President CBRHS Bhat was addressing the gathering of businessmen community and property dealers of CBRHS here.
“ The land is available for society members while some areas of this land has not been properly developed and it has also  been decided that the new members will be given plots at best  locations,” Bhat said and added that when they took the charge of CBRHS in 2011 there were only Rs:8million in the society’s account while the liabilities of the contractors were Rs:40million and with the support of the members we paid this all to put the society on the track of sustainability .
He said in CBRHS Phase-II only 1300 kanal land was available while 2000 kanal was required for the registered members and Rs:350million was the estimated budget for the electricity, Sui Gas and other development  of Phase –I
“ In 2008 I along with my partner Ishtiaq Bhat invested Rs160million and that amount helped to meet the losses of the society and we succeeded to restore the confidence of members. Following our investment people rushed to invest in the society,” Bhat added.
President CBRHS Bhat said that in Phase-II we spent more than Rs:1.20billion and this amount was paid following the approval of the consultant and engineers of the project.
“ I assure you we have worth rupees billions assets in society and investment of members is safe however, some people are creating confusion even some times doing false propaganda against the society which is the duty of businessmen community and property dealers not only counter such malicious campaigns but grill them on time,” Bhat added.
He said we are leaving the society with profit of billions of rupees along with commercial plots and flat sites to the new management. Employees Block plots size will be enhanced in Thalian and Kohilyan without any additional charges. The possession will be given in one year. He said those who protest against the shifting of these plots will submit their suggestions through the five-member committee and I assure you that their recommendations would be honored. He said we have splendid track record of the last ten years for the Phase-II and we will never allow anyone to dent the reputation of the society.  He said due to Covid-19 elections were cancelled till June now we will hold the elections and transfer the assets of the society to the new management . Later a briefing on Rawalpindi Ring Road and Thilian Motorway Inter Change was given by President Bhat to the members who appreciated the performance of the society management.  On the occasion Secretary Saleem Khan, Khalid Qurashi, Khalid  Zaidi, Adnan Ahmad and Nakeer Shah also spoke and reposed their  full trust in the management.


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