Chairman Kashmir Committee Sheheryar Afridi calls on Director IDDDS Dr. Waleed Rasool



S. A Haidri
Islamabad: Chairman Parliamentary Committee on Kashmir Shehriyar Afridi called on the Director Institute of Dialogue, Development and Diplomatic Studies (IDDDS) Dr Waleed Rasool at Parliament House here on other day.

During the meeting they discussed about Kashmir issue and Pakistan’s current trajectory towards it and showed concern about international security as Hindutva ideology is perilous in nature.

Sheheryar Afridi said that the Pakistan Government policy on Kashmir Issue is to disseminate legitimacy of Kashmir on the basis of International Law.

He maintained that the aftermath of revocation of Article 370A triggered insurgency in Kashmir ensued curfew, arbitrary arrests and protests suppression which left no choice for Pakistan to promulgate legitimacy of Kashmir on basis of International law.

He stated that Parliamentary committee on Kashmir have senior MNAs and Senators of Pakistan to raise the Kashmir issue nationally and internationally.

“Imran Khan professed himself as an ambassador of Kashmir whose top priority is to lend Kashmiris courage by broadcasting Kashmiris stories of consternation to International organizations so Kashmiris will get their legitimate right of self-determination” Afridi added.

Shehriyar Afridi further said that Kashmir is top priority of our government and Parliamentary committee on Kashmir is keen to have deliberation with Key stake holders nationally and internationally, moreover we are determined to persuade International Government organizations and UN member countries.

Dr. Waleed Rasool apprised the Chairman Kashmir Committee about the endeavours of IDDDS pertaining to Kashmir issue.

He said that Hindutva Ideology is threat to International security.

He reiterated that Indian aggression in Kashmir encapsulated communication blackout, massacre of innocent Kashmiris, pellet shot gun firings inflicting serious injuries and disabilities.

“In spite of the fact that UN Secretary General António Guterres pronounced the cease fire so nations together could combat the Covid-19, Kashmiris are losing their lives along LOC due to Indian aggression” he said adding that Indian retributions can trigger nuclear war in region about which Imran Khan have warned at UNGA to international community.



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