Transformation from Negativity to Positivity


Dr Sajida Karimi Hyderabad.

Many a times Negative feelings ripen in our mental faculty because of the circumstances which circulate amidst our society and being a social animal we find it extremely hard to get rid of those feelings. We come up with different tactics to deal with that state of mind but some of those tactics put our lives at risk, suppose we try to ignore the realities of life or we throw the burden of our gaffes on others. Through this technique of sublimation one can divert his incomplete feelings and emotions toward positivity. For instance an irritated person rather than lashing out on his family member or colleague should involve himself into different activities such as reading, writing, playing or even eating, by doing that his relations and social status will not get affected. According to him this technique polishes hidden skills of a person who is unaware of his skills such as poetry, painting, singing and so on. In line with the research report published in Journal of personality and social psychology which recommends that this technique can easily be applied on the person whose mind is. Sublimation transforms negative feelings of mind into “Commitment” which helps us to fulfill our responsibilities audaciously and efficiently. In these whiles this method might be highly effective and beneficial for us already inspired by religiosity because religion in itself is a way of comfort and solace.


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