Letter to the editor



Mysterious Package Few days earlier, Premier IK rolled out a capricious budget of 1.1 trillion. It was indeed a heyday for the karachities and for me as well. The basic reason behind introducing this giant figure budget was renovation of Karachi. Restoration of Infrastructure was only possible with the collaboration of federal and provincial government. For this sake, Federal collaborated with Sindh Government in order to revive the city of Lights to its originality. But no steps are apparent on map with regard to refinement of the economic engine of country. It seems the authorities have reneged and deterred from their pledge. Protests were going on in different parts of the city regarding such calamity which those Monsoon downpours came up with. May be Government just to console the masses fed them a hand made recipe by announcing restoration budget that i view it nothing but such a mysterious budget. Authorities need to stem from deluding the public and have dire need to come up with appropriate measures in order to ramp up the carter of economy. Only Ostensible progression can enthuse and soothe the nation.

-Yasir Jamal


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