FPSC Center


Imtiaz Essa Halepoto, Jamshoro

Hyderabad is second largest populated city of Sindh. It connects more than ten districts of Sindh together. But yet, it does not has any regional center of Federal Public Service Commission. Sindh is having two FPSC centers; one in Karachi and second in Sukkur for general recruitments. Whereas Hyderabad is lacking in regional center which consequently discourages thousands of competent students of Sindh. Students belonging to poor families and backward areas often do not apply in general recruitments of FPSC because of poor financial conditions. Recently, Hyderabad-based students were supposed to appear in FPSC tests in Karachi. But owing to inclement weather and rain, they were unable to reach at test hall timely. It resultantly lost their opportunity and they got disappointment. Unavailability of Center in Hyderabad, sheds social, psychological and financial constraints over students. Sindh is having huge competence. But it is lacking in providing opportunities to its financial deprived and poor families’ students.  Students of Hyderabad and linking cities have got thousands of complaints submitted on Prime Minister Portal. Similarly, they demonstrated rallies and strikes in different cities in demand of FPSC regional center in Hyderabad. But they got no positive response. Giving equal chances to all people, is the basic principle of democratic state. Therefore Chairman of FPSC, PM of Pakistan and CM of Sindh are requested to get a center established in Hyderabad. So that all candisates can participate equally.




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