Nepotism in Pakistan


Naresh Sajlani
It is said that nepotism is the paralyzed part of our system that has been destroying the country’s progress rapidly since the independence. Its acutuly, the wrong use of power by geving best positions and jobs to their family or their close contacts even though they some people do not deserve. Ironly is this that it takes place at the cost of other talented ones. Nepotism is an ax that cuts the roots of merits leaving the deserving people pass the the miserable life. I Nepotism is nuisance for nation it is not only destroying it by providing oppertunaties to skill less and inpat person but also badly infringe the rights of skilled people if we talk about Pakistan so we can find all around such things that the members of same family work at the same field and every place in Pakistan while Pakistan is said to be a sacred land that came in to being in the name of Islamic republic of Pakistan. Despite of it, we are not treated as equal as taught by Islam. Since the independence of Pakistan, people have always been a victim of nepotism and favouritism where the powerful figures are also busy in promoting their kith and kin rather than country’s boon and development our leaders. Its slap on the face of our society that we have recieved happily without recording any protest . Stakeholders must stop the practice of nepotism in country so that the rights of talented people can be protected.



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