Media Broadcasts


Zubair Ahmed Rind
Media is a tool of social flourish. It’s a great source to educate and guide illiterates in direction of modernization. It has paramount significance in diverse facets of life and livings. Its feats are praiseworthy which has altered the modes of behaviour and social interactions. Globalization and modernization are moving abreast in the line of progress. But unfortunately there is no way to Express the grief and woe of contents being produced by media nowadays. Substandard, biased, discriminatory and fully wrenched into demon structures is the status quo of electronic media channels. Due to this concept and notions of current content, youngsters get involved in immoral and notorious crimes that harm the society. It converts fragil mind into defying and subdue as a notion of pride as Broadcasted in serials. The drama serials and seasons being produced are totally unchecked and their ratings are at rife. By this notion and content as wanted and rated by human psychology, they reiterate and motivate their scams and lucrative nature. The advertisements include, women in skarts , having intimate relationships with youngsters. Owing to this fact, irrational, baseless and fraudulent mind sets and cultures as they reveal on media is merely desperate. Some serials even show and indicate the facets of nudity . Its totally malign and ill to play with future generations. Did they ever think of those minds who are in the state of nurture? How would they justify whether the serial is inflicting positive vibes on observers? Its is anticipated that its effects will be in the foam of fueds, skirmishes religious extremism and sexual fervour. Such elements in society adds fuel to discrimination, disparities between caste systems and inappropriate behaviour of masters to maids . Minor smears leads to major issues. Its a humble plea to relevant authorities and concerned institutions to have a proper check and balance over content and advertisements being produced by media channels . Material must be properly scrutinised before Broadcasting so that a spendid and worth watching content be available. Let’s promote candid and rational moves to nourish our peoples. Sultan Ayyubi said “If you want to destroy the nation without war, make adultery and nudity common in young generations. (-The writer is a freelance columnist, based in Jacobabad.)


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