Letter to the editor



Ban should be abolished I insist you to strive. Work, work and only work for satisfaction with patience, humbleness and serve the nation by father of nation on 15th November 1942, to AIMSF (All India Muslim Students Federation). After partition of Pakistan, AIMSF was renamed as Muslim students Federation. MSF moto was to work for the betterment of students to help them in studies and other problems. The MSF also gave helped students to understand politics and their basic rights. On 9th January of 1984 that time military dictator General Ziha ul Haq banned students unions. Because he felt threat to his regime. After banning the unions, large protests were carried out over all in Pakistan by students against Ziha ul Haq military regime. In 1989 Benazir Bhutto once again revived students unions knowing its importance. However, in 1993 Supreme Court of Pakistan banned the Unions again. The only reason was given by Supreme Court that Students were fighting with each other. Students protested against supreme court decision but nothing happened. Their basic right to run unions was taken away from them. Which is defined in Constitution of Pakistan, article 17 freedom of associations clause (1) Every citizen shall have the right to form associations or unions, subject to any reasonable restrictions imposed by law in the interest of sovereignty or integrity of pakistan, public order or morality. However, many people misunderstood the Students Unions. They thought that it would effect their studies if students indulge in politics. We have had great examples of Students Unions around the world. Such as, Harvard University having a rank of top 3rd position among the universities in the world have students unions and their students are participating in political activities. If Students Unions were so bad why wouldnt developed countries ban it?. Therefore, i hope our concerned authorities will look into it and realize its importance.

-Jalil Hassan Sasoli Islamabad


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