Education System a Challenge Before Launch of Uniformed Curriculum


Kamran Khamiso Khowaja
Honorable Minister for Education, Shafqat Mehmood is making efforts to launch a Uniformed Curriculum across the country, to boost the quality of Pakistan’s Education System. Is this initiative going to bring an unforeseen revolution in the system? I think we have to wait for the answer to this question. Now let’s evaluate the methodologies and techniques of imparting Education in Sindh before this curriculum gets underway Scores of state-owned schools in Sindh give a dispiriting look accompanied by a dearth of basic facilities for students such as unavailability of drinking water, trained teaching staff, uninterrupted supply of electricity, access to laboratories, and other necessary things required to fulfill the parameters of an ideal school. There is also a considerable number of schools across the province being run in straw made huts, under thick old trees, and even under the open sky in the scorching heat. Around 4.2 million children in the province are out of school including 2 million of them are of primary level. The literacy ratio here stands 55% while the percentage of net enrollment is 48%. Besides that girls drop out ratio from schools is surging with every passing day in those areas where tribal thought or “diehard mindset” is dominant. Private institutes on the other hand are making huge profits by doing nothing much except portraying themselves “English Medium” – A claim that attracts parents a lot these days, along with it favoritism is another predicament being condoned quietly by the students studying in these institutes. 45% of total public sector schools in Sindh are being managed by a single teacher and In most of the government schools, an average of, 150 to 200 students study in a class whilst 25 students per class is a globally recognized principle. All that bustle makes teaching just a formality and this is probably the reason that a student of government school is far away from modern techniques of learning and is relying on outdated methods of learning.

(-The writer is a  Law Student and Columnist with a special interest in Socio- Political Issues based in Sujawal )


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