Deterrent Punishments in Rape and Child Abuse Cases


Malik Muhammad Aslam Awan
The increasing number of child abuse cases and rape assaults on women have caused great turbulence in society and citizens are emphatically demanding deterrent punishments to the barbaric offenders. It is a concerning point that despite a hue and cry and widespread panic in society the state remained incapable to defend the life and honour of citizens. Think tanks are bewildered to note the history of recent most publicized, condemnable incident of Motorway, combined with the history of other criminals of same cases that Police officials played a heart rendering part in these offences and saved the perpetrators of these crimes from severe punishments. It is noteworthy that the offenders of Motorway crime had a regular habitual, criminal history and the main accused of the incident has substantive criminal record, proving him a habitual rapist. He was first arrested in 2013 in a rape case but outrageously enough he was released shortly after the commission of crime. He raped the wife and daughter of a poor labourer and police played a pivotal role to facilitate his release and acquittal from the charge. The poor labourer was harassed, threatened and his life was made difficult to survive and he could not succumb the pressure from police officials and other criminal anti-social segments of society and produced an affidavit before the court in favour of the culprit to take back his case. Astonishing facts about the main accused have been  disclosed that he is involved in 13 most heinous criminal offences including rape assaults but he managed his release, shortly after his arrest, manipulating with the SHO’s and I.Os of the cases. He was arrested in two separate decoity cases in Police Station Factory area Sheikhupura and after a few days got released and saved his skin by criminal facilitation of SHO and I.O. of these cases. The main accused Abid Ali is so habitual and talented criminal that he knows best how to bargain with SHO and I.O of the case and manage his escape. In most cases he sexually assaulted the women and managed his escape. His experience that police officials are very fond of bribery made him a veteran and experienced criminal and in all his offence, police role remained that of a facilitator. In the recent Motorway incident the role of Police is that of a morbid body, which is hardly to be re-activated. The preliminary developments of the case revealed the insensitivity of the police officers, it disclosed the hidden intents and purposes of the police high-ups. Even CCPO Umar Sheikh remarks about the victim infuriated the general public and intensified, aggravated public sentiments by adding fuel to the fire. Later on he had to apologize but his remarks have become the part of history which would remain alive and would serve as references in later cases. Prima facie facts reveal, if the culprit had been awarded severe punishments in his first heinous rape case he had still been behind the bars and could not be able to commit further crimes. It is evident that in all his criminal history the main accused had fullest illegal,  criminal, support of black sheep of Police Deptt. SHOs and I.Os of all his cases played the part of facilitators and saved his skin from severe punishments. It is noteworthy that rape case is not compoundable at any stage. No black sheep of Police Department or any other government body can survive, thrive, sustain and maintain himself without the criminal patronage of their high-ups. Having a detailed survey of crimes and criminals one would find that culprits cannot save their skin and manage their escape from deterrent punishment without the criminal defence of SHO and I.O. Having conducted a drastic survey alarming facts came to limelight that political influence is often referred by police high-ups but this factor has least effect on the investigation, the most potent factor playing a formidable, pivotal role in the release of criminals is the most chanted weapon “corruption”. One who has no money to offer cannot be able to save his skin from police torture. Most of Station House Officers possess their own parallel Police Stations which in general public is known as private torture cells, where they keep abducted people and use them to extort money “Bhatta” from their close relatives. It is high-time expediency of the hour that to save Pakistan from the stigma of a Rogue State and the state of “Mafias” the incumbent government should take immediate steps to bring the corrupt elements in Police department to book. Immediate drastic, measures are required to be taken to punish severely those elements who are a constant threat to the efficient working of the department. Police is a law enforcing agency and it must enjoy the public ethical support instead of inviting severe abhorrence of the citizens. Rampant corrupt elements be dealt with iron hand. Public trust, favours and sympathies be attracted and won to make Police department a trustworthy and reliable organ of state. Winning the public support is high-time need of the hour. It is noteworthy that foreign investors don’t invest their capital in the country where law and order situation is not trustworthy. Decrepit law and order situation of our country is the root cause of debacle of our economy. If we want strong economic relations with the rest of the world and boost our ever weak economy, we should realize the incumbency to devise ways and means to promulgate the supremacy and writ of law in the country.

(-The writer is a journalist, author of English Book on current affairs

and independent analyst based in Lahore.)


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