Corruption in Pakistan


Sheeraz Ali Mojai Rajper

Corruption is one of the biggest issues all over world simply corruption means adopting unfair means to achieve something illegally . And it is one of the most alarming problem in Pakistan . Pakistan is ranked as the 117 th least corrupt nation out of 175 countries according to the 2018 corruption perception index reported by transparency International. Further more in Pakistan the majority of the people are corrupt . Every institution is led by corrupt people such as education institutions are one of the most corrupt sectors in Pakistan and health care , hospital staff acts 25 doctors and nurse reports 13, sport sector , taxation, etc . Each and every office is mingled with this disease which has emptied the economy of the country . Until no one takes any action about the corruption , our country is going to face inflation poverty and unemployment in a larger scale therefore I request the government to take action against corruption due to corruption our country is backward and it will never let the country to be prosperous . Corruption is like slow poison which is killing the soul of our society slowly but surely it is the scourge which is destroying the every fabric of our society . It is spread and settled in our society in such a manner that it is acceptable for everyone and even the one who refuses to earn money through corruption is considered as fool by majority of people. here is rampant corruption in almost all departments and all sphere of lives in Pakistan yet corruption in Pakistan police has no parallels according to surveys and reports of international organization and NGO’s police is the most corrupt department of Pakistan . Corruption is a familiar phenomenon for people in developing countries ruled by corrupt politicians motivated only by greed and self interest . Pakistan is one of those countries however the education sector seems to be the worst affected from corrupted from corrupt practices in Pakistan one fails to find a signal department or institution that is free the plague of corruption. The quality of education in Pakistan has been declining for some time now and it appears that all of the factors responsible for its loathsome conditions stem from corruption our literacy rate has gone down from 60% to 58% while the number of children out of school in Pakistan is second only to Nigeria . If we intend at solving this problem we need to identify the black sheep in our education system who are to be blamed for it. Government hardly ever shows commitment towards fighting corruption in education there seems to be lack of political will on the government’s part . Unless the government becomes serious in tackling the root causes of corruption and coming at them with full force the problem will persist and with time corruption will only increase resulting in a further decline in the quality of education as well as literacy rate in Pakistan.

(-The writer is a International Islamic University Islamabad. BS political science 4th semester IIUI .)


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