PARC seeks Cutting-Edge LAI breeding technology for Livestock and Dairy Development


Islamabad:   (Parliament Times)   A one-day Pak-Turk workshop on introduction to Laparoscopic Artificial Insemination in sheep and goat breeds, in mutual collaboration with Turkey held at NARC on this Tuesday.
Dr. Muhammad Azeem Khan Chairman PARC while addressing to the
participants of the meeting stated that Artificial Insemination allows the off-season highly
productive breeding in animals. That can meet the needs of meat and milk production of
country by rapid increase in the production of livestock in Pakistan. PARC has already
achieved success in production of local as well as, exotic animal breeds through using
AI technique and now aiming at extending it to Laparoscopic AI technique, which is
significant for small ruminants like beetal goats. He further told, Pakistan is blessed with
rich natural biodiversity 15 breeds of cow, nearly 30 sheep and 5 goat breeds are
available in Pakistan, whereas Livestock contributes 61% GDP, and is an essential part
of agriculture, however due to the lack of high technological scientific research in
livestock sector we are still unable to obtain required amount of production level
therefore, the animal scientist of PARC should lead to uplift the sector through advance,
in-depth research in the sector.
Dr. Zia ul Hassan, Member Incharge (ASD) highlighted the need of patronizing
the farmers, semen sexing embryo transfer/cloning to propagate/conserve the elite
indigenous animals, conference meeting at national levels on breeding technologies,
cryopreservation, inhibin immunization in beetle goats, modification of existing AI
gadgets in livestock research in order to enhance the production.
Dr. Sayed Murtaza Hassan Andrabi, Director ASI NARC while presenting the
progress in AI research told, designing of cradle for LAI in goat and application for
cradle patent has been lodged at IPO office. We focus on increase in mutual turnover of
agriculture goods and we have animal breeds that could produce maximum milk
whereas, Pakistan is among big producers of dairy milk.
DG NARC, Engr. Shamim-ul-Sibtain Shah concluded the session with the vote of
thanks to the organizers and participants from all the provinces including GB and AJ&K
At the end of this workshop, Dr. Azeem Khan Chairman PARC as a chief guest
inaugurated the plaque-unveiling ceremony of Laparoscopic AI theatre at NARC
meanwhile, virtual ribbon cutting ceremony of LAI facility at BZU Multan was also took
place in the presence of other high officials.


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