Crisis in Sindh


Imtiaz Essa Halepoto
Sindh is historical province. Its history goes back to thousands years. It distinctively kept its status in world. Sindh is also known as Ba’bul-Islam because Islam entered in Sub-continent through it. In the struggle of Pakistan, it sacrificed its bombastic heroes too. Sindh, yet, have immensely been undergoing to starvation, unemployment, poverty, loadsheding of gas, water and electricity, injustice, and lack of law and order situation. Sindh contributes 69 percent petroleum production, 73 percent gas, thousands of miles of coal and seaports. It is still deprived of jobs, education, health and meritocracy. People of Sindh having huge resources, lacks their livelihood. They are starved to death and deprived of rabies vaccine and hepatitis inoculations. Currently, thousands of villages and small towns are undergoing flood situation. Thousands of people are been homeless and shelterless. But yet no proper steps are taken to solve the grievances of victimed people. Looking at rural schools’ conditions, one would find 70 percent school lacks potable water, 62 Percent lacks toilet, 50 percent lacks electricity and 40 percent schools lacks surrounding wall. Besides that, Schools in Sindh are also greatly experiencing to teachers absenteeism. Similarly, health sector of Sindh is also facing crucial problems. It lacks adequate medicine, qualified doctors, fairly treating staff and proper arrangements. In health sector, jobs are mostly given to those politically backed-up class. Sindh is full of crisis. It lacks meritocracy in all public and in private sectors. By 2013 to 2018, more 4500 children are died of hunger in Thar district. Tens have attempted suicides. Hundreds have burnt their degrees due to unemployment. Grievances are more but steps taken to solve them, are less and inadequate. Sindh is governed by Pakistan People’s Party for more than four decades. But yet situation is same. Thus Government must take steps to resolve all problems. People of Sindh want to get rid of all problems.


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