“The seven stages of man”

Syed Rabail Shah
One of the most famous and well-known poem of william shakespeare . It’s the part of comedy “As you like it” written by william Shakespeare . William shakespeare was an English playwright , poet, and an actor . He was born on 26 April 1564 in Stratford upon ovan Warwickshire in England and he died on 23 April 1616 in stratford upon ovan Warwickshire in England. He wrote approximately thirty nine plays and one hundred fifty four sonnets as well as a variety of other poems. The author ( William shakespeare ) compare the world with a stage and every living person is described as an actor , who plays “seven different plays on that stage”. The author tells us “the seven examples of common action that man does plays during his life. 1) The first stage of man is an”infant” Who cries in the arms of his /her nurse & crawling on the land 2)The second stage of man is “schoolboy” Who unwillingly go to school and make excuses of skip it. 3)The third stage of man is “young boy” In this stage who lovesick and compose a ballad to his love. 4) The fourth stage of man is” soldier” In this stage who become ambitious, devoted, to his vows & short tempered . 5)The fifth stage of man is “judge” In this stage who uses all the wisdom of his age 6) The sixth stage of man is “aging” In this stage who become Oblivion and lose the sharpness of his mind & strength of his body. 7) The last & seven stages of man is ” return to the infant state” Who loses his one’s sight , an ability to taste and hear & slowly going into Oblivion .

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