Schools, colleges reopened


ISLAMABAD:    Schools and colleges have reopened all over the country following 6 months long closure due to Covid-19 pandemic.
In the wake of announcement of Education Ministry, all higher education institutions, imparting education to the students from class nine to twelve and above started conducting classed today.
According to the SOPs issued by the government, masks are mandatory for all teachers and students, while the administrations of the educational institutions will ensure availability of sensitizers at the entry gates.

The government had decided to close schools, colleges, and universities in March in order to curb the spread of coronavirus.
Sindh, however, had suspended educational activities in the province on February 27 after the detection of the first COVID-19 case in Karachi.
Just a day before the reopening of educational institutions, Prime Minister PM Imran Khan also welcome the children back to school.
In a tweet on Monday, PM Imran said that the government has fully worked on the school operation to ensure every child’s safety.
The tweet read: “Tomorrow we welcome millions of children back to school. It is our priority & collective responsibility to ensure that every child can go to school safely to learn. We have worked to ensure that school operations are aligned with public health safety rules on COVID-19.”
On Sept. 7, the country’s Education Minister Shafqat Mahmood, while announcing the reopening of some 300,000 schools, colleges, and universities, said they will reopen the education institutions in phases to avoid another wave of the virus.
“If all goes well, then students in grade six to eight will return to school on Sept. 23, while students in the nursery to grade five will be back to school on Sept. 30,” Mahmood said.


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