Corruption in Pakistan




Arshad Ali Almani, Moro, Sindh.


Corruption is a tiny word but going in it’s deep This word explains A lot. Corruption is destruction of all resources which are Vital for Every Nation to live a good living. In Our Country Corruption has become a principle except this no Work is done It doesn’t matter whether it’s Valid or Not. Our Bureaucrats are busy in making own Worth they are fearless of Punishment that is Huge advantage for them. Government of Our Country is sleeping a deep sleep who believes that Following Law is not their work law is only for lower class people. People of Pakistan are thinking that for solving issues of Country Angels will come which is our blunder mistake which can lead us towards heavy demolishing. Corruption has become common in every department as like vegetables on Carts flies on Garbage. None of departments is ready to take harsh punishable steps for corrupt People those are looting this Country for many years. we People have to know that no problem is going to be solved except our efforts except our Struggles except our moves. Every office of Pakistan has become now center of corruption that is huge slap on Face of Government. Government should bring strong changes in law regarding End of Corruption. Our Collective efforts can Also bring Improvements in our Judiciary system if we People utilize our Abilities through out the Country.



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