Voice of the juvenile


Huma Khan
Songs have always been a crucial part of wars and military operations as they not only motivate the soldiers fighting on borders but gives an adrenaline rush to all those back at home who, if not fighting at front, are fighting with their pens and prayers. Every patriotic song not only increases patriotism but also gives a message to enemies. “Har Ghari Tayar” released on 6th September is another such song that not only displays the fortitude, grit and spirit of our soldiers but also gives an explicit message to enemy that we are actually ready to “surprise” you anytime. Remake of the song, sung by Nuri, Ali Azmat and Asim Azhar showcases the enthusiasm of our forces who are ready to devote their everything to defend the motherland. Every lyric of the song is reproducing the zest of Pakistan forces and the video is portraying the fervour of our soldiers. Another amazing quality of the song is that along with men, it displays the strength of our sisters who are being trained, breaking the notion that “women are delicate”. It is a treat for eyes to watch women holding weapon, crossing obstacles, and walking besides soldiers, preparing themselves for the time when Pakistan will call for their services. Har Ghari Tayar shows the courage of our forces who are equipped and prepared to counter any attack. This song pays tribute to those who fight, sacrifice, and defend us.


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