The missing piece meets the BIGO




Raja Furqan Ahmed

The story is written by Shell Silverstein. The main character in the story is missing piece. He was alone and waiting for someone to come and take him. He had found some circles but they could not properly fit, some can’t roll, others could roll put they are not filled. He was upset. Some didn’t think about fitting him. He finally found it and it was perfectly fit. He was so happy, singing the song but his happiness was not for a long time. Missing pieces start growing and growing and finally, circle left saying that “I didn’t know you are growing” he left him and finding his on missing piece. Missing piece again comes in his starting point where he was alone. At that moment he meets with Bigo who didn’t want anything but he motivates missing piece. This was a time when missing piece start changing him and he became a full circle. This story raises important questions about the nature of happiness. The circle feels that finding its Missing Piece will make it happy. After finding a seemingly perfect Missing Piece, however, the circle discovers that it can no longer enjoy many of its favorite activities-it now rolls by too quickly for a butterfly to land atop it, it cannot stop to talk to a beetle or smell a flower, and it can no longer sing coherently. This story explains that in over life there are so many people who inspire you and tell us the way of success it’s up to you that how you adopted that way. The Story main motto is never to give up in your life.
(-The writer is a student of International Relations and Freelance journalist currently based in Islamabad.)


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