Contra Islamic Rituals


Yasir Jamal
Ubiquitous dogmas prevail in our society that the daughters won’t be given any patrimony. Although this is in all sense digression from our religion (ISLAM). Our society needs to pore over the teachings of our Role Model i.e. Hazrat Muhammad SAW. These all tutelages act in our lives just as a foyer chandelier does in a furnished house. Erstwhile, during the domineering era of Tyrants, these agonizing rituals can be traced but in today’s World, this mentality needs to be wiped out. We can stroke this sensitive issue in a sensible way and ultimately we will steer ourselves towards tranquillity centred consortium. Religion is just sparse in our society that’s why we are heading towards corrupt means of livelihood. Hence we need to accumulate the wheels of our society on the path of Islam and we should string to it with full zeal of spirit. Otherwise we will mar the ambience of our short lived abode in this mortal World.



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