A Dead Nation?




Usama Farooq Cheema

Stay home , stay safe. This became popular due to corona virus but in our country it is the only way to keep our dignity and dignity of our family safe. Because outside the walls of our homes , live the beasts hungry for the flesh of our mothers and sisters. Such people are soulless. Their soullessness doubled with lack of governance are the reasons why events of gang rape take place in a society that was formed in the name of Islam. We learnt nothing and did absolutely nothing after Zainab’s incident , that’s why even today we are not doing anything. This is a point when we all must take firm actions to put an end to such malicious actions. The government needs to bring reforms and get them implemented. This tendency needs to be curbed away. If such incidents can not awaken our slept souls, than nothing can. -The writer is a freelance columnist based in Faisalabad.


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