70 percent of human body is composed of water


Zubair Ahmed Rind
Almost 70 percent of human body is composed of water. Water is life and without it no life is able to survive on earth. There’s no doubt that Pakistan is already one of the most water- stressed countries in the world, a situation that is going to degrade into outright water scarcity due to high population growth. According to a 2009 study by the Woodrow Wilson centre ,by 2025 population growth is likely to mean that Pakistan’s annual water demand rises to 338 billion cubic meters (bcm) while, unless radical action is taken, at 236 bcm. The resulting shortfall of 100 bcm would be two-third of the entire present flow of the Indus. These effects could be to turn stress into catastrophe by the end of twenty-first century. Groundwater is now being over exploited in many areas, and its quality is declining. There is little evidence that government have re-engineered their capacity and funding to deal with this challenge. And here delay is fatal, because the longer it takes to develop such actions, the greater will become the depth of the water table. I hope government will strengthen its policies regarding this grim issue.

A Dead Nation?
M. Usama Farooq Cheema
Stay home , stay safe. This became popular due to corona virus but in our country it is the only way to keep our dignity and dignity of our family safe. Because outside the walls of our homes , live the beasts hungry for the flesh of our mothers and sisters. Such people are soulless. Their soullessness doubled with lack of governance are the reasons why events of gang rape take place in a society that was formed in the name of Islam. We learnt nothing and did absolutely nothing after Zainab’s incident , that’s why even today we are not doing anything. This is a point when we all must take firm actions to put an end to such malicious actions. The government needs to bring reforms and get them implemented. This tendency needs to be curbed away. If such incidents can not awaken our slept souls, than nothing can.

(-The writer is a freelance columnist based in Faisalabad. )


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