Incident took place at Lahore motorway


Ghulam Mustafa Baladi
After the heart wrecking incident took place at Lahore motorway many feminists activists came on the roads to record their protest against the violation and women rights in the society. In the protest once again many vulgar slogans were seen and chanted by the activists which actually defames the actual idea of feminism. The vulgar slogans were clearly showing hatred towards the man. Instead of showing hatred and promoting valgur ideas and slogans they should promote the “Educate Women” and their basic rights slogans which they are deprived off. Education is the basic right of every gender in this world but womens of our society are deprived of their basic rights and even our government is not taking this issue as a top priority. As it is said “to educate a women is to educate an entire generation”, so if we have to live head to head with the world we have to educate the womens of our country. Eventually for this instead of promoting valgur ideas and slogans our feminists activists should come forward to arrange awareness programs for women education in the backward areas of the country where women is really meant as a deprived creation which is the actual feminism.


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