Declining Standards of Education


Malik Muhammad Aslam Awan
The declining standards of education have caused a torrential sense of discontent amongst the sane circles of civil society. One of the main reasons of increasing fall of educational standards is the futile use of internet on mobile phones. Every second and third person especially the youth are always busy in superfluous activities which would never enhance their vision or intellect to counter the challenges of life coming ahead. Every developed or developing nation will have to set code of criteria to act upon to counter coming challenges of future life. Students have now left to delve deep in their studies because they are now of the confirm opinion that they cannot join honourable service until and unless they possess formidable bureaucratic, feudal or political background. Their aversion from curriculum have made them paralyzed to confront the challenges of future life. Top brains and big wigs of a sensitive nation often plan for the next half a century, how would they move forward and confront the problems, issues cropping up in the life of that nation in near future. It is very shocking that the youth are always busy on cell phones in playing games or superfluous activities. Even the youth keep themselves busy in obscene movies or pictures, which spoil their immature minds and some of them develop obnoxious habits of womanizers and get indulged themselves in criminal activities, Facebook, Net, Tik Tok crimes. Immature minds imbibe these in such a severity that their come back becomes impossible and consequently their criminal habits lead them to commit serious cyber, internet crimes and their ultimate abode is none but incarceration in Jail. Jails of Pakistan are nurseries of criminals where they grow and groom their habits to be veteran criminals. Most of the habitual criminal gangsters were groomed by criminals already in Jails after having committed serious crimes. Jails are universities of crimes wherefrom immature, Juvenile minds inculcated criminal mindset and after getting released formed criminal gangs and played havoc in society, even shocked their parents to lead paralyzed life, ending in their sorrowful death. Parents have great incumbency to have a vigilant check on their children and state educational institutions, also, have a cumbersome responsibility to initiate a campaign for character building of their pupils, whose parents sought their admissions in these institutions with the intention that they would be taught how to lead a responsible, immaculate, impeccable unblemished life but unfortunately state as well as higher educational department is not interested in character building of their pupils. Higher education department must have a department of character building and every university, college, even matriculation stage institution have a special wing of character building and the results of that department are required to have a strict surveillance by a watchdog, having members and its chairman of distinguished characters throughout their life and professional itinerary. A nation without character building is not a nation but hoard of persons having the habits of animals. Savage societies are nurseries of criminals who would not be conducive to peaceful existence but a turbulent demeanor causing decadence in societal norms and making peaceful existence of law abiding citizens at hazards, resultantly the peaceful citizens would prefer to migrate to other peaceful countries of the world, where the grip of law is more stringent and provision of speedy and free justice is the motto of the state. To execute a hallmark change in society more rapidly towards peaceful life and atmosphere where Justice is the cardinal feature, the state will have to initiate drastic policies and courses to be taught to the youth and make them realize that their future is not keep themselves busy in nude and obnoxious net scenes but to pay fullest attention in curriculum activities and physical training. Womanizing trends be strictly discouraged and persons found involved in womanizing be immediately rusticated from government services or in educational institutions. Womanizers in educational institutions are more dangerous, as they are in immediate contact with their colleague women and the women of educational institutions become easy victims of womanizers. It has been frequently observed and experienced that womanizers find themselves surreptitiously inculcated in important government services i.e. DMG, Police, Education where they make abuse of powers and make harassment to women. It is a normal practice in eastern societies especially in Pakistan that women do not disclose molestation attempts to their families due to the fear that they and their families would be a constant victim of public rancour. They try to save their honour but it encourages the abuse of power and frequent rape assaults become the routine matters and these heinous crimes end in severe mishaps or tragedies, often in suicidal attempts from the victim. An alarming situation develops, which put the state functionaries in awkward and defensive position. The only and one solution of the declining standards of education is the hard-hit endeavours of government to initiate character building campaign, and recruitment system in all services be based on character judgment and womanizers in all departments be immediately rusticated, punished and kept in Jails. Exemplary punishments would surely be a harbinger of drastic change in demeanor and peace in society, otherwise we should be ready to lead a life of Jungle. Can we afford this situation for our next generation?

(-The writer is a freelance columnist and independent analyst based in Lahore.)


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