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Zainab Alert Bill: Kidnapping Children Minor age children are compared with flowers and nature. Children are the source of pleasure for the parents. As a nature is said to be the source of pleasure and peace of mind for a man. Beautiful, innocent and sensitive children who are like flowers for their parents,but, unfortunately, these flowers fade away before they bloom. The Zainab Alert Bill passed by  National Assembly for recovery and response and timely action against abducting and murdering the  children. It has not been implemented so far to check increasing violence against children. Recently Marwa, a five year old little girl, went out to buy food from a nearby shop. She didn't go back home. She was kidnapped and raped. After rape a little innocent girl was brutely killed. Her dead body was found from garbage place which is intense condenmendable action. The question arises in the mind that the government passed the Zainab Alert Bill in the National Assembly to eliminate the heinous crimes and violence against children all over the country. However, it seems that it is only a bill to appease the parents of children to show that the government is concerned regarding the safety of the children. Therefore, the Zainab alert bill was passed to make it part of a written document to frighten the criminals and make parents temporarily satisfied with what I think. The student of seven class,from
gujrat, was also kidnapped and after rape she was also killed. What is the effect of the Zainab Alert Bill passed by the National Assembly to impede the increasing number of violence against children all over the country? Parents are of the view that the Zainab Alert Bill is to make parents less aggressive whose child is the victim of kidnapping, raped and killing. Dum founding punishment should be awarded to responsible persons involved in inhuman crimes committed against innocent children. Question arises for Standing committees on Human Rights to play their significant and timely role to yield results.
Parents are also advised to keep a vigilant eye on their children when they are moving outside for a peace of work. Second, children should not be allowed to go alone outside to buy something. Parents( they) must not count on others to guard and protect their children from inhuman barbarians and monsters. Fawad Hussain Samo Democracy and Illiteracy Democracy is the only form of government capable of representing people's wishes and safeguarding their well-being. But illiteracy can be rated as its biggest enemy because of its potential of creating such an environment that not only endangers the
very existence of democracy but also deprives it of all the fruits that are promised by a democratic dispensation. Democracy and illiteracy, certainly and irrefutably, can never move together. The fact that can be presented as the very first evidence to prove democracy's incompatible with illiteracy is electorate's unawareness that is caused by lack of education. This unawareness leads to unwise and imprudent decisions at the time of elections and resultantly the state, despite having a democratic form
of government, remains deprived of the most suitable persons to runs its affairs. Government of Pakistan should try its hard to bring illiteracy down and promote democratic form of government. So that people can be rational and aware about their fundamental constitutional rights and they may understand the modes of life of modern world. In comparison to other provinces of Pakistan, Sindh is more vulnerable in literacy rate because of poverty, unemployment, favouritism and nepotism, and
feudalism. Sindh Government needs to bring huge change in its prevailing society. Otherwise well-being of people of Sindh is impossible. Imtiaz Essa HalepotoJamshoro *****The standard of education in Sindh is going back year by year. But unfortunately, no proper measures are taken against those concerned factors. The proper recruitments of teaching staff would bring definite change and it can uplift literacy rate too. For PST, JEST and HST, there should be no requirement of B.Ed degree instead one year special training, after appointment. The policy of B.Ed should be done away with and teaching
staff be appointed by open merit. Because hundreds of thousand students are having B.Ed degree but lacking in basics of teaching expertises. The only solution of uplifting literacy rate is to change policy and B.Ed degree be abolished and after appointment, all successful candidates should be given trainings for teaching expertises. In this concern, all students of Sindh appeal to Chief Minister and Education Minister. Please play pivotal role and abolish B.Ed degree so that competition in teaching staff can differentiate candidates.

-Imtiaz Essa Halepoto Jamshoro


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