Zainab Alert Bill: Rape Incident at Lahore Motorway


Fawad Hussain Samo;

As it is the fundamental responsibility of the present government and state to provide protection to life, property, and wealth to its subjects living there. It is said in political science that the duty of one is the right of others,the right of one is the duty of others. It is the fundamental right of the denizens of the state that their life,property, honor, and wealth be protected under the existing law. Law is said to be guardian. The Law is to be called as father and mother for the subjects living in the state. If the guardians of the law passed irresponsible remarks against their people then who can be made responsible and trusted to administer justice to the people. It is, indeed, an intense terrible and shocking incident to know that one mother before her children was raped and humiliated by culprits blatantly. What is more, irresponsibility was shown by motorway police that it was not in their domain area to take action. However, beautiful, innocent and sensitive children,who are as flowers for their parents, have been victims of rape in all over the country. Unfortunately, the Zainab Alert Bill passed by the National Assembly, to bring an end to the violence against children has not been implemented so far to teach a lesson to culprits involved in the heinous cases. Recently Marwa from Karachi, a five year old little girl, went out to buy food from a nearby shop. She didn’t go back home. She was kidnapped and raped. After rape a little innocent girl was brutely killed. Her dead body was found in a garbage place. The question arose in the mind that the government passed the Zainab Alert Bill in the National Assembly to respond immediately to trace and arrest the culprits. The increasing number, of the rape cases in the country, was alarming to helpless and fable subjects residing in the country. It is of great regret and unfortunate to say that when Indian brute rape the kashmiri women, their brutality and atrocities are strongly condemned by us.We raise the voice against that brutality. So the mothers and innocent daughters living here in this unfortunate country, I am compelled to say these words, , as they are not the children of the politicians and influential persons,where and to whom they lodge their complaints and raise their voice to get justice .? If there is a law where is it? Is justice administered in this country? When and How is it administered? Is this society of human beings? If it is then humans are like this? The people of Pakistan want the Zainab Alert Bill to be implemented immediately. The culprits involved in heinous crime and sin must be brought in the court of justice and astounding punishment must be awarded to teach them a lesson so that any else could not think of this inhuman crime. One must not destroy the respect of any innocent little girl or any mother.

However, it seems that it is only a bill to appease the parents of children to show that the government is concerned regarding the safety of the children. The Zainab alert bill passed must not be the part of a written document to frighten the criminals and make parents satisfied temporarily what i think. The student of seven class,from Gujarat, was also kidnapped and after rape she was also killed. What is the effect of the Zainab Alert Bill passed by the National Assembly to impede the increasing number of violence against children all over the country. Day and day out rape cases are increasing in Pakistan. Children as well as mothers are rape victims. Now it is indicative of insecure travel for women from one place to another place. In neighboring country eleven people were sentenced to death involved in rape adding the remarks by the judge that this was not Pakistan. C.C. P.O. lahore has stated an irresponsible statement. As he said that the woman had not set out late at night as it was not France. And adding that she must not have taken that route and why didn’t she check petrol before leaving her. Rather to protect and secure the denizens of Pakistan, such disappointing statements are adding fuel to wounds. Furthermore, Pakistan has been called the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. What is more, nowadays, the existing prime minister, Imran Khan has been claiming to establish and extend Riyasat Madina in Pakistan. On one hand, C.C.P.O Lahore has a contrary statement to p.m vision. It means that France was much safer than Pakistan, to travel late at night, in the C.C.P.O Lahore point of view.

The writer is an Educationist and Philanthropist.


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