UAE- Israel deal, a huge stab in the back of Muslims

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Adnan shafi
An Arab Muslim country has stabbed the Islamic world in the back. The decision of the United Arab Emirates to establish regular diplomatic relations with Israel is highly regrettable. This is a moment of reflection not only for the Arab countries, the Arab League, the Organization of the Islamic Conference but also for the whole Islamic world. As the Palestinians have said, this decision has made it almost impossible to resolve the Middle East crisis. The plight of the Islamic world can be gauged from the fact that Turkey and Iran are the only two countries in the Muslim world that have unequivocally opposed
the decision, while Pakistan has reacted cautiously. As expected, Saudi Arabia, to which the eyes of the entire Islamic world are drawn, has kept a low profile. Countries such as Bahrain, Oman, and Egypt have welcomed the agreement to establish diplomatic relations between Israel and the United Arab Emirates, with the United States as their mentor. Israel has also announced its decision to upgrade relations with the United Arab Emirates, postponing its decision to annex the occupied West Bank to Israel, but just
hours after the announcement, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Has made it clear that this is only a temporary measure. It is as if Israel will continue its policy of usurping Palestinian territories and treating them inhumanely. At the same time, the issue of creating two states, Israel and Palestine, which was already in limbo, is now almost impossible. Saib Irkat, a senior Palestinian leader who specializes in negotiations with Israel, said in a statement to the UAE: You are continuing the aggression with this
move, and the Palestinians and Israelis Meanwhile, peace has become impossible. Obviously, pro-Jewish US President Donald Trump is very happy in this matter, but all this is the result of silent US diplomacy. Netanyahu has been saying since day one that there can be peace with Israel neighbors without a peace deal with the Palestinians, nd that is what has happened. With the exception of Syria, countries such as
Egypt and Jordan are already enslaved by the United States, as if the formula for granting concessions to the Palestinians in exchange for peace has been adopted, but on the other hand, the fact that the Middle East conflict It is not just between Israel and the United Arab Emirates, nor has the UAE ever fought a war with Israel, nor does its border with Israel. Following the agreement, the Palestinian resistance movement will intensify and diplomatic efforts against Israel will intensify. In a scathing statement, the Palestinian Authority called the agreement a betrayal of Jerusalem, the Al-Aqsa Mosque, and the Palestinian cause. Palestinians have called for an immediate meeting of the 57-nation Organization of the Islamic Conference and the Arab League to condemn the decision. The fact is that
the oil-rich UAE and Saudi Arabia will not allow this to happen if the purpose of convening these forums is to unite the UAE, it does not seem possible. In this context, Pakistan Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi has recently expressed frustration over the half-hearted attitude of the Islamic world, especially the Arab world, on the one-year anniversary of India annexation of Kashmir, but now he is well aware of it. There is no oil in these soles. On the Kashmir issue, on the one hand, the Arab countries are not ready
to raise their voice against the atrocities being perpetrated against the Palestinians in their region for years, but these countries have prostrated before the United States. What will we do diplomatically? Not only are most of them in the US camp, but they also have very good political and economic relations with India. What a shock. The bigger issue is not the slightest difference in the policies of Modi andNetanyahu regarding Kashmir. Both the United States and Israel agree with India on this issue. It is not a mere coincidence that India did not condemn the agreement between the UAE and Israel. Yes, India is
also breaking the mountain of oppression on Kashmiri Muslims. Although Kashmir was occupied by India at the time of the formation of Pakistan, the leadership of the then Congress, notably Pandit Nehru, and non-aligned countries, including Chinese leader Chuan Lai and Indonesian President Russo Nikarno, were outraged. He was a fierce critic of policies. In November 1988, India recognized Palestine as a state. This may be the reason why Yasser Arafat was reluctant to fully support the right of the late Kashmiris to self-determination, but today there is no difference between the policies of the United
States, Israel, and Modi regarding Palestine. There is no doubt that whether it is Palestine or the Kashmir issue, both are issues of the right to self- determination, but it is also ironic that Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said during his visit to India that as long as New Delhi continues to support the liberation of Palestinians. Will The Palestinians have nothing to do with the growing defense and economic ties between Israel and India, which the Palestinians hailed as shameful and irresponsible. Perhaps few people know that India is Israel second-largest trading partner and that India is the largest market for Israeli weapons. In this context, it is becoming increasingly clear that the United States,
Russia, India, the Arab states, and Israel are strategically and economically intertwined. The darkest side of all this tragedy is that Pakistan is left alone. There was a time when Pakistan was multilaterally active. At that time, masterminds like Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto and Agha Shahi were the masters of our foreign policy. Pakistan played a key role in activating the Islamic world for Palestine and Kashmir. The situation now is that despite being a nuclear power, they are forced to make a very cautious statement in support of the
Palestinians, which is very unfortunate. Army Chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa is on a visit to Saudi Arabia. Apart from Kashmir, he should also discuss the issue of Palestine with the ruler of SaudiArabia.

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