Precautions Before Opening Educational Institutions-II


Mujeeb Ali Samo

This is very important for the rest of us that when the schools, colleges, and universities open to run the business then all the allied staff and the student take remedial measures so that we, you, and the others remain disinfected. The precautionary tools must be followed strictly as wearing the mask, hand gloves and observing six feet distance when we enter into the educational institution. If we fail to practice the preventive measures as directed by the government then it is again possible that the educational institutions remain closed for an indefinite period of the time. If such a condition arises then the fate of people will be the worst. So, prevention is better than a cure. We as responsible citizens of this country ensure that our prime priority is the safety of children and then the indigent people who are allied with it. But, this is also must that before opening the schools it is the duty of the concerned authorities to make the place neat and clean. The disinfectant walk-through-gates must be established at the first entrance. The primary gadgets of employees and the bags of the student must be showered with fountain spray of the chlorine chemical so that the hazards of spread Covid-19 remain less in the place. Such steps must be taken foolproof because once the lapse is neglected then the consequences will be the worst.


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